“Paradise is at the feet of the mother.” – Prophet Muhammad ﷺ 

Living away from home for so long has somehow made me feel that who I am and where I come from appear like a fantasy. However, there are moments when the humidity, the greenery, the air, and the sun would match a certain memory – and with a deep breath, I am transported to a time long passed. This lets me know it was real that my life was real. It feels like a glimmer of paradise, an unattainable ideal, a warm embrace.

In this series, I wanted to create this feeling using color to distort the screen printed image against the dyed raw canvas. The effect of this pairing allows the image to be understood in the distance and abstracted the closer you come to the canvas. Similar to waking from a dream about home and how it disappears when you try to get close to it.

The images are photographs of my mother in Seychelles, her home country, taken by my father. The decision to use them was inspired by the hadith (saying from the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ) and the idyllic landscape of my mothers home. These works are made from cruelty-free organic canvas that are stained with natural dyes then screen printed with the least environmentally invasive techniques.