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EXHIBITION : JUA KALI at United Photo Industries, DUMBO – New York

The expression “jua kali” derives from Swahili, which literally translated means “fierce sun”. The term was originally coined to identify the class of travelling peddlers and artisans that worked through the heat of daytime, and has since evolved to mean people that work in the informal economy.  In a pejorative sense, it also stands for products of inferior quality.

Nevertheless, jua kali craftsmen are regarded as true recycling artists who, with an enormous spirit of invention and feeling for material, are able to create everyday commodities and works of art from almost any found object. Inspired by such fundamental creativity and aware that this sector represents a significant portion of the Kenyan economy, photographer and artist Tahir Carl Karmali uses surreal photomontages to portray jua kali craftsmen and women. Each image portrays an individual who has found a little niche for themselves in the everyday struggle for survival, developing an identity in the jua kali cosmos by trial and error. Technical components, computer circuit boards and mechanical parts are interwoven with the heads of the portrayed to form an anatomic unit, standing for the innermost world of thought. Karmali took pictures of garbage pieces to create his collages, combining them spontaneously with photos of the craftsmen and in so honoring the jua kali style

Exhibition Dates: February 4 – March 26, 2016
Artist Reception: Thursday, February 4 / 6 – 9PM

Location: United Photo Industries Gallery | 16 Main Street #B / DUMBO / BROOKLYN

This exhibition was made possible with the support of; Skink Ink Fine Art Printing and Innova Art Ltd, manufacturer of luxurious fine art papers. For more info please go to skink-ink.com and InnovaArt.com

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