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gallery: Circle | 910 James Gichuru Road, Lavington, Nairobi – KENYA, Danda Jaroljmek, Email: info@circleartagency.com, Phone: +254 790 289 991


(Photo by Nan Goldin)

Visual artist born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya based in Brooklyn, NY.

It is hard to pinpoint an exact formula of how my work develops because my practice is always changing. What I know so far is that I like each project to concentrate on a specific material or vernacular, which I then complicate by and layering or reconfiguring. I would sometimes change the state of the material and reform it completely. The materials I use are linked to a larger global narrative, usually economics and migration. There has to be a reason why I am using a certain medium to communicate, and I enjoy it when each element is meaningful and symbolic. Because of this, each project I embark on will look different from that last.